Ellicott Center for Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing has seen the future of rehab and it’s here. The Jintronix biofeedback system is completely non-weight bearing, so it can be used safely on the first day of rehab. And faster starts lead to faster recoveries and discharges. The sophisticated Jintronix system uses computer gaming technology and multiple motion sensors to track more than twenty movements in order to instantly adjust the therapeutic inputs for maximum benefit. Clients may feel like they’re shooting hoops or skiing the slopes, but they’re actually getting some of the most effective therapy treatment available.

Although Jintronix was only recently introduced at Ellicott Center, it’s already making a dramatic difference. When clients are having fun, they’re motivated to push harder. That means improved endurance and more successful outcomes.
The key is biofeedback. The clients at Ellicott Center get to measure their progress and track their progress as they move up to a higher level. The second key is making the highly repetitive, sometimes frustrating work of rehab more interesting and enjoyable, because the more you do the exercises, the faster you recover.

The Jintronix platform allows physical therapists to help some patients who suffer from neurological afflictions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and traumatic brain injury and may be home-bound. It can also be used by individuals recovering from surgery or those who experience problems with chronic pain, coordination, muscle strength, and flexibility. For elderly patients who are prone to falls, the program can be used to assist with balance and mobility. In short, Jintronix is not your parents’ rehab. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s bold. It’s available now at Ellicott Center for Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing.