Sometimes it’s just that twinkle of gratitude in a patient’s eyes. There are plenty of reasons why nursing (and caretaking, in general) can be deeply rewarding, but nursing home work offers a set of incentives all its own. The benefit of the care a nursing home staff provides is both uniquely profound and beautifully expansive.

While working in a nursing home, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to connect with your patients and their families on a level that is not available to most positions in the healthcare world. The long-term nature of this type of care enables you to make a special impact on their lives and often results in them making the same type of impact on yours.

You’ll get to know your patients, and they’ll get to know you. Everyone will know what to expect, and you’ll look forward to seeing each other before every shift. The only thing sweeter than that welcoming smile on their faces will be the tears of heartfelt gratitude you inspire in the eyes of their loved ones.
Staff and patients in a nursing home tend to feed off of each other in a mutually beneficial manner. They’ll absorb your energy and activity, and you’ll immerse yourself in their rich histories and wisdom. You’ll remind them of the lives they’ve lived, and they’ll bless you with a better appreciation of aging.

Some forms of healthcare can feel transactional. We too often sacrifice a measure of humanity for expediency. Nursing home health care affords us the opportunity and the time to involve ourselves not only in the physical wellbeing of our patients but also in the overall quality of their lives.