While Americans may not be dining out as often as they used to (or maybe just getting takeout or delivery from their favorite restaurants) during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have our favorites that we turn to for celebrations, comfort food, or when we just don’t want to cook that night.

YouGov, an online research firm, tracked the most popular restaurants in the United States from August 2019 to August 2020, and the results are out. Ellicott Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has the top 10 restaurants that Americans have a favorable view of.

  1. Denny’s

You can’t beat Denny’s for convenience, as “America’s Diner” is open around the clock and serves breakfast all day and all night long. It has a positivity rate of 57%. 

  1. Texas Roadhouse

Also coming in at 57% is Texas Roadhouse. This chain is known for its steaks, ribs, and buttery rolls that lends a supporting “roll” in every entrée.

  1. Marie Callender’s

While there are several physical locations on the west coast, Marie Callender’s is more famous with diners due to their frozen meals, including the chicken pot pie.

  1. Red Lobster

Fifty-eight percent of people look favorably upon Red Lobster, America’s first seafood chain restaurant. In addition to fresh catches in plenty of locations far away from the sea, their cheddar biscuits are so famous that the chain released the recipe so fans can make them at home!

  1. Applebee’s

An Applebee’s is a staple of nearly every town in America, fitting their moniker of “Your Neighborhood Grill and Bar.” Survey participants loved their wide array of cuisines for lunch and dinner as well as happy hour specials.

  1. Cracker Barrel

Situated along many of America’s highways, Cracker Barrel got a favorable response from 60% of those surveyed. Along with a homecooked meal, the accompanying store got high marks, where you can shop for clothes, knick-knacks, and vintage sodas and candy brands. 

  1. The Cheesecake Factory

It’s tough to save room for this restaurant’s namesake with their menu that features everything from pasta dishes and American fare to Chinese cuisine. But their cheesecakes hold up just fine in takeout containers to eat later!

  1. Olive Garden

In addition to Italian staples, fans of Olive Garden love the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks lunch option.

  1. Outback Steakhouse

This Bloomin’ Brand has a 63% loyalty rating due to its variety of steaks and—of course—the Bloomin’ Onion appetizer, which has spawned many imitators.

  1. IHOP

With Denny’s and Cracker Barrel in the top 10, America sure loves its breakfast places! The International House of Pancakes (now known simply as IHOP) finished in the top spot, with 66% of people having a positive view of the joint that serves more than pancakes—they have full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.


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